Jean Logan

Meet Jean Logan. She had an idea but no agent or publisher, so she learned how to be her own publicist. Logan will share her story in a breakout session for those interested in how she did it.

Logan retired from Grand View University after thirty-three years as a nurse educator. It was during her tenure there that she developed a penchant for policy and how it impacts people throughout the world.

Logan completed extensive research for her novels Billy Love’s Wolfpack and Billy Love’s Forsaken Children.

Retired at 63, Logan has written 5 novels in less than five years. Number 6 is getting close to being done. She wanted a change, and was tired of professional writing. She started to do research on her German Grandfather and it took off from there.

Writing brings Logan personal fulfillment. She describes herself as a free form writer meaning her characters’ personalities tell her where to take them.

It also has been a lifesaver for her during Covid. She writes about two hours most daily and says she learns something every day.

“Did you know they close Lenin’s mausoleum every two month to soak his body in a detergent bath to keep the fungus off?” asks Logan.

More about Logan and her book series.

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