Dr. Jean Logan

Jean Wolf Logan grew up in a small town in Iowa, where she experienced a
childhood filled with adventures. She made a yearly trek to Okoboji, where she
stayed in a cottage with her grandparents, and cavorted with some of her
cousins. Her parents, grandparents, and cousins’ personalities and
quirks influenced some of the characters in her novels.
Her grandfather was a column writer for a small publication in Lytton, Iowa. He
was a prolific storyteller, frequently gathering the grandchildren around him,
spinning tales of his life. The decade in which the book is set, 1928-1938, was
inspired by his adult experiences.
The storyline in her first book was prompted by the author’s research into her
German roots. She discovered many generations of Wolfs lived in Darmstadt,
prior to her great-great-grandfather immigrating to the United States.
Jean has a Master of Arts in Nursing from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D.
In Higher Education from Iowa State University. She spent over 30 years as a
nurse educator at Grand View University, where she used storytelling to teach
the art of nursing practice. Billy Love’s Wolfpack is her first novel. A sequel,
Billy Love’s Forsaken Children, is planned.

Logan will talk to Okobojo Writers’ Retreat participants about becoming a self-published author.

Logan has self-published 5 novels as part of the Billy Love novel series:
Billy Love’s Wolfpack
Billy Love’s Forsaken Children
Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders
Ursula’s Underground World
Ursula’s Promise

A Sixth book in the series will be published next year.

Jean Logan, like me, started writing once she retired. Hearing her talk about how she learned the business of self-publishing gave me confidence to do so, too. Thanks, Jean!

Okoboji Writers’ Retreat 2021 participant