Rachelle Chase, author of ‘Creating the Black Utopia of Buxton’ Iowa and ‘Lost Buxton’, has given more than 80 presentations about the amazing town of Buxton and has now turned her attention to sharing the lessons that we can learn from Buxton today. In February 2021, Rachelle launched a nonprofit, Uniting Through History, to promote unity by furthering knowledge of and acceptance of the fact that Black history is American history through immersive experiences enabling people to connect with history.  Rachelle is a former senior business analyst for several Fortune 500 companies, a model, a published romance author, and a podcaster. For more information, please visit UnitingThroughHistory.org  or RachelleChase.com or LostBuxton.com

She’s published nine books and/or novellas. An excerpt from “Out of Control”, her novella in SECRETS VOLUME 13, was used in ON WRITING ROMANCE, published by Writer’s Digest Books, to illustrate how to effectively heighten sexual tension in a romance book.

Rachelle Chase has had a nontraditional writing career by breaking rules. She sold her first two-book deal to a NY publisher without an agent, sold her first fiction book without writing it, and has not stuck to one genre. She has written sexy romances for NY publisher Kensington Publishing, historical nonfiction for The History Press, political articles for Iowa Starting Line, and has a screenplay and historical fiction novels underway.

Rachelle has also hosted two live talk shows, SingleMindedWomen.com Talk Radio, which featured popular guests speaking about dating, relationships, parenting, and more, plus “Chatting with Chase,” in which she interviewed best-selling authors

On March 1, 2010, Chase launched the Hip History Contest, which invites middle and high school students to creatively share the history of Buxton, Iowa, through the arts for a chance to win $2,000, and get their work in front of local celebrity judges, and more. Details and entries that are starting to come in can be found at the link above (UnitingThroughHistory.org). 

Chase joined the staff of The Des Moines Register as an opinion columnist in March of 2022. Check out her inaugural column. It offers solid evidence for why her voice is unique.

Follow Rachelle Chase on Twitter: @Rachelle_Chase


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