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Romen Borsellino is a writer, performer, and producer currently based out of Los Angeles. He recently worked as a staff writer on Season 2 of NBC’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh and was previously executive producer and co-creator of Freeform’s 2020 election series Kal Penn Approves This Message. He has written for the 2021 WGA Awards as well as Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s This Giant Best That Is The Global Economy on Amazon Prime and worked on Michael Schur’s 2019 primetime NBC comedy Sunnyside.

Romen previously served as a political appointee in the United States Department of the Interior under President Obama. He has also worked on a number of high-profile political campaigns in his home state of Iowa, including President Obama’s historic 2008 Iowa caucus race and 2012 re-election. Romen is a graduate of Amherst College.

On a personal note…

This is Julie Gammack, organizer of the Okoboji Writers’ Retreat. I’ve known Romen since he was 2. From an early age, he had a charisma and essence that could command a room full of adults. One night during a milestone anniversary party given in honor of his grandparents, Romen joined a cast of Manhattan notables toasting the couple. The 11-year-old at the time, had his onlookers laughing from the get-go.

“My grandmother came to Des Moines,” said Romen, adding a perfectly timed pause. “And stole all our friends.”

He’s been keeping folks laughing much of his life. And now, he’s doing so for a much wider audience than his friends and family in Iowa.

How does one write comedy? Are there key ingredients to a comedic script? Series? Is it possible to break into the business? How is he doing so? How do you pitch to a Hollywood producer?

I am confident, Romen Borsellino will grow even more in his career as a writer, producer, and maybe even star himself one day.

Attendees of the Okoboji Writrers’ Workshop are in for a real treat to work in small group sessions with this talented guy.

And yes, he is the son of Rob Borsellino and Rekha Basu, and a magical combination of those two extraordinary writers.


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