Session Topics, OWR 2022

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[This page is in the process of construction. We will have the complete list by May 1]

This is a list of speakers and topic titles. Click on ‘Topics’ to learn more about the presenter and his/her topics.

Nicole Baart: Make Your Prose Sparkle, Marketing and Publicity 101, and Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make (&How to Avoid Them). Details: Topics

Rekha Basu: Telling Your Tough Truths; Making Your Commentary Relevant. Topics.

Perry Beeman: Write what you know, or How to Get Dirty; Speaking across the fence to a neighbor; Weeding your garden. Topics

Venise Berry: Writing for Social Change; Elements of Fiction: Plots and Subplots; Writing Strategies: Clarity and Depth. Topics

Laura Belin: How Reporting is Essential to Opinion Writing; Blogging. Topics Topics

Rachelle Chase: Using Research to Bring Your Work to Life – Not Kill it; Indie Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing – What Should I Do? Topics

Courtney Crowder: How to Write Stories People Want to Read; Authentically You; Panel discussions on Authentically You on Social Media. Topics.

Todd Dorman: Finding Your Columnist Voice; Opinion Writing; The Lost Art of Editorial Writing. Topics

Debra Engle: Writing Your Life Through Memoir; Spiritual Nonfiction: Writing to Inspire. Topics.

Randy Evans: Remember to KISS* When You Write (Keep it Simple, Stupid), Don’t Give Your Readers an Excuse to Quit Reading. Topics

Arnold Garson: Digging for Your Family Roots; Writing Your Family Story

Scott Garson: Stories in Miniature: the New Horizon of Flash Fiction, Microfiction and Prose Poetry; What Is Autofiction?: Blurring the Line Between You and Your Stories; Spinning Fictions: Paths Towards the Writing of Stories. Topics

Nik Heftman: Writing for Television Broadcast; Things I’ve Learned the Hardway in Broadcast News. Topics:

Beth Hoffman: Why Should Anyone Care About Your Memoir?; Workshop your work. Topics

Ann Garvin: Can You Describe Your Novel in Two Sentences?; How to Plot Your Book with Ease; Comedy Writing. Topics

Leigh Michaels: Indie Publishing Isn’t Rocket Science; Our Town; Writing Between the Sexes. Topics

Kyle Munson: Storytelling Basics; Interviewing techniques; Column Writing. Topics

Chuck Offenburger: Interviewing, Writing the story, column, or non-fiction book; Marketing & Promoting your work in this new media age (catchy titles to come!) Topics

Caleb Rainey: The Spoken Word. Topics

Lee Rood: Digging Deep; What’s Investigative Journalism, Anyway? Topics

Andy Ross: First Lines: Querry Letter Workshop; Elements of the Book Proposal; Checklist for the Final Draft – Fiction. Topics

Pat Tyrer: Taking the Road Less Traveled!; Bird by Bird: Tacking the Longer Forms of Poetry; Yes, But What Does it Mean? Topics