Ty Rushing will talk about how to effectively tell someone else’s story by being a good listener. It’s the best way to become a good writer, he says.

Rushing was the lead content producer for The Sheldon Mail-Sun and helped oversee a staff of nearly a dozen writers, editors and photographers for various Iowa Information publications, including The N’West Iowa REVIEW, Sioux Center News, Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner and Okoboji magazine.

One wag on Twitter commented the day after his Iowa Press Association Award sweep for 2020, “I’ll bet @RushtheWriter is feeling pretty good today.”

Rushing (aka @RushtheWriter) played a major role in 10 of the ‘Bests’ awarded, and played a central role in the Sheldon Mail-Sun, The Hawarden Independent/Ireton Examiner and th N’West Iowa REVIEW General Excellence award.

He also helped steer the digital direction of the company through http://www.nwestiowa.com.

Ty Rushing wins a lot of awards!

Previously, Rushing was the business reporter at the Sioux City Journal.
His duty at the Journal, a digital-first outlet and one of the five largest daily newspapers in Iowa, was to cover the happenings of the business community in the tri-state area the paper covers.

Before that, Rushing was a staff writer for The N’West Iowa REVIEW, which has been named Iowa Newspaper of the Year 17 times by the Iowa Newspaper Association, and Iowa Information’s other publications.

Rushing started his career as a staff writer and later the senior staff writer for the Newton Daily News in Newton, Iowa, and its sister publications, the Jasper County Tribune and the Prairie City News. He worked for NDN for close to two years and was voted the 2013 and 2014 People’s Choice for Favorite Writer in a county-wide poll

Rushing has expertise in how to use social media effectively, both for information gathering and promoting stories.

When the Black Lives Matter movement took off in reaction to police brutality cases, Rushing started speaking to rural Iowa audiences about what it is like to be a black man in a predominantly white state.

Rushing has been a frequent panelist on Iowa Press.

Sadly for his readers, Rushing left journalism.

News flash as of this month (July 2021)

Wait, no, wait. He’s back!

Ty Rushing is now the Editor of Iowa Starting Line, an Iowa-based digital political news outlet. https://iowastartingline.com

He made the announcement via Twitter saying: “I’m back.”

Be forewarned. Rushing has a thing for puns.

More about Ty Rushing. Journoportfolio.


Ty was funny, engaging and a great teacher. He also helped me understand social media better.

okoboji writers’ retreat participant