STAY TUNED FOR NEWS ABOUT 2023! September 19, 2022

7:00 a.m. Registration. Lakeside Labs Dining Hall area. Pick up your gear and reserve your spot for dinner ($45, salad, pasta bar, dessert, wine, and soft drinks, plus free entry into the Okoboji Classic Car Museum. Best value and fun in town.)

7:45 a.m. Gather in the MAIN TENT west of Dining Hall for all-group Welcome and Speaker Introductions

7:50-9:00 a.m. Speaker Intros: Nicole Baart, Rekha Basu, Laura Belin, Doug Burns, Rachelle Chase, Courtney Crowder, John Dinges, Todd Dorman, Allison Engel, Margaret Engel, Deb Engle, Arnold Garson, Scott Garson, Ann Garvin, Nik Heftman, Beth Hoffman, Jean Logan, Leigh Michaels, Carol Montag, Kyle Munson, Chuck Offenburger, Caleb Rainey, Lee Rood, Andy Ross, Ty Rushing, Larry Stone, Patricia Tyrer, Phoebe Wall Howard, Perry Beeman.


9:15-10:45 a.m. PANELS

  1. Memoir/Story Telling: Deb Engle, Courtney Crowder, Beth Hoffman, Lee Rood: Mahan Hall (between the dining hall and DINING HALL administration building.
  2. Nonfiction Writing. Finding secrets. Reporting basics: Phoebe Wall Howard, Randy Evans, Laura Belin, John Dinges, Ty Rushing, Perry Beeman, MAHAN HALL
  3. Fiction Writing, Ann Garvin, Scott Garson, Nicolle Baart, WAITT
  4. Basics of Story Telling: Kyle Munson, Chuck Offenburger, Margaret Engel, Todd Dorman, SHIMEK

[Private sessions with Literary Agent Andy Ross, Library]


11-12:30 p.m. COACHING SESSION 1 (limit 10 per session)

SHIMEK (two) Kyle Munson …………Margaret Engel

WAITT (three) Garvin, Baart, Scott Garson

MAIN COTTAGE (two) Rekha Basu, John Dinges

LIBRARY (one) Andy Ross

MAIN TENT (five) Todd Dorman, Ty Rushing, Phoebe Wall Howard, Venise Berry, Patricia Tyrer

DINING HALL (four) Crowder, Rushing, Deb Engle, Lee Rood

MAHAN HALL (two) Hoffman, Rachelle Chase


Grab and go sack lunch or potato bar

1:15-2:45 p.m. Panel (unlimited): Why Start a Substack Column: Doug Burns, Art Cullen, Bob Leonard, Beth Hoffman, Julie Gammack, Laura Belin, MAHAN HALL

Coaching Session 2 (up to 10 participants per session)

SHIMEK: Doug Burns, Todd Dorman

WAITT: Leigh Michaels, Rachelle Chase, Nik Heftman

MAIN COTTAGE: Garvin, Basu


MAIN TENT Venise Berry, Pat Tyrer, Deb Engle, Courtney Crowder

DINING HALL, Beth Hoffman, Lee Rood, Beeman, A. Garson

Coaching Session 3

3:00-4:45 p.m. Panel, MAHAN: Book Publishing for fun and profit: Baart, Garvin, Ross, Michaels, Logan, Hoffman, Beeman

SHIMEK: Logan, Michaels

WAITT: Rainey, Allison, and Peggy Engel

MAIN COTTAGE: Kyle Munson, Phoebe Wall Howard

DINING HALL Stone, Berry, Randy Evans, Nik Heftman


4:45-5:15 P.M. What’s your takeaway from today?

6:30 p.m. Dinner Okoboji Classic Cars, 810 Jeppeson Rd, Milford: pasta bar, BIG FUN. ($45, includes salad, pasta bar, dessert, wine, and soft drinks plus venue ticket admission – $75 value)